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Westerman Institude Of Electricity And Sales Representative Of Nanjing

Westerman Electrical Institute (Kimia Sanj Co.)

Sales representative of Nanjing Wonfulay Precision Machinery Co., Ltd products in Iran


Westerman Electrical Institute started its activities in 1975 with the focus on providing services to the industrial sector in the field of manufacturing medium and low pressure industrial panels as well as selling industrial electrical items.


This institute was established with more than 40 years of official activity in Isfahan province for the sale of industrial electrical items as well as a workshop for the production of industrial electrical panels and the provision of automation electrical services to factories.


Some of the clients of the institute are: various industries, steel, factory automation systems, food, cement industries, hospital units and urban areas. Factories and industrial centers, micro and macro

At present, this institute is the regional distributor of Electro Kaveh, Arsh and Barmas products factories in Italy, Tabriz Pajooh sensors, Meg Electric, Hyuki, CEM,CM Refrigeration , Ayandeh Lighting, Turkish fan encoders, Anli Taiwan and Amron glass relays, relays Italiana is the relay of Schneider and Siemens inverters as well as the representative of Hanyang in South Korea in Isfahan province.


In addition to the above-mentioned activities for trade and supply of special parts of various industries in a separate collection has a special and worthwhile activity.