Alipine White Brightening Day Cream Spf 15 Skincode

Alipine white brightening day cream spf 15

Product Description

Alipine White Brightening Day Cream Spf 15

Skincode Alpine White Brightening Day Cream SPF 15

Suitable for all skin types, especially skin smooth and blotchy


Effectiveness and Benefits:

  • Regenerating, soothing and anti-inflammatory, protects against environmental factors for the CM-glucan
  • Tyrosinase activity and melanin inhibitors prevent the release of (cause rashes) to a collection of medicinal plant extracts Alps
  • Prevent the skin pigment (melanin) in the skin cells Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 to have
  • Clarifying and strengthening the collagen to have Astrvvytamyn C
  • Whitening, anti-stain and relaxing to have the original chestnut combination Hindi (Escin)
  • Protects against UVA and UVB rays to have protective filters with spf 15

To use:

Every day Sbj be used on clean skin or after brightening serum.



This product is 100% free of preservatives, aromatic substances, dyes and derivatives of animals. increasing age. In addition, this product is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.


Essentials collection

Essentials suite of products for all skin types, even sensitive skin, pregnant women and is suitable for all ages and has two sub category alpine white (whitening products and anti-stain) and age lab (products to postpone aging process of the skin) is.