Liftissime Serum Lierac

Liftissime serum

Product Description

Liftissime Serum

Liftissime serum Lierac

  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Strong lifting effect of three-dimensional
  • Restoring skin volume
  • Enriched with plant-firming agents with instant lifting effect


Lift with three-dimensional effect in 30 seconds

Liftissime products of the highest concentrations of serum in a series of complex cell-junction (Lierac exclusive mix) (6.6%) and hyaluronic acid (88%) had serum is rich in bio technological factors reconstructive facial skin collagen and elastin, leading to the full restoration and strengthening properties it is lifting a three-dimensional effect.

Enriched with plant structure firming agents with instant lifting effect and makes the skin soft and supple

How to use:

Twice a day alone or be used to increase the effects of lifting the other products.