Refrigerant Charging Machine CM86 (CM Refrigeration (Nanjing

Refrigerant charging machine
Gas Injection Machine
(cm Refrigeration (nanjing

Product Description

Refrigerant Charging Machine

CM86 Refrigerant Charging Machine


The CM86 series of gas injection machines are specially designed for fast refrigerant charging in the production line of air conditioners. This device has high charging speed and accuracy and multiple functions and so on. This device is compatible with CFC, HFC, HC, R134A and other refrigerants. The device can also be customized to suit your specific needs.


Refrigeration, production of air conditioners, chillers, production of freezers


Has CNC technology that allows data processing with accurate and easy operation.

Suitable for various refrigerants R134a, R22, R410A, R600A and so on.

Siemens PLC control system and color touch screen.

Suitable for high injection accuracy using high precision flowmeter

Pneumatic booster for pressure stabilization.

Continuous injection rate up to 99999 g

The device automatically detects when the cylinder is free of refrigerant.

Vacuum time and leak test time can be adjusted according to customer needs.

This device has the ability to vacuum, leak detection, injection.

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