Sun Spray Very High Protection Spf50 Soskin

Sun spray very high protection spf50

Product Description

Sun Spray Very High Protection Spf50

Soskin Sun Spray Very High Protection SPF50


The protective spray for face and body, which protects against solar rays, moisturizing Suitable for children and adults and has high durability and resistance to water and perspiration, and the resulting product was not oily to oily skin to dry fit. The high and broad spectrum protection spray to light and ultraviolet rays to the skin. Easy to use for the whole family, even children, to the entire face and body comfort and maximum protection in place. So skin from the rays of UVB, UVA protection and is moisture during the day.



Vitamin E (antioxidant and protective), filters and anti-UVB, UVA, Korea Object (emollient and nourishing the skin and deep skin moisture)


To use:

Every 2 to 3 hours and after swimming to be repeated each time.