S.o.s Oil Control Mattifying Lotion Skincode

S.o.s oil control mattifying lotion

Product Description

S.o.s Oil Control Mattifying Lotion

Skincode S.O.S Oil Control Mattifying Lotion

Perfect for skin prone to acne and oily skin and shiny.


Effectiveness and Benefits:

  • Regulate oil secretion
  • On behalf of the shiny skin
  • Moisturizing strong
  • Composition containing pores, nettle extract, a skin matte, vitamin C and vitamin E

To use:

Apply to the skin every morning and night.



Mattifying lotion, with a very light texture, is a powerful moisturizer that helps to regulate oil secretion and healthy skin, smooth and matte brings. The excess fat and shiny skin to relieve skin absorption.


Essentials collection

Essentials suite of products for all skin types, even sensitive skin, pregnant women and is suitable for all ages and has two sub category alpine white (whitening products and anti-stain) and age lab (products to postpone aging process of the skin) is.