Cellular Power Concentrate Soluble Skincode

Cellular power concentrate soluble

Product Description

Cellular Power Concentrate Soluble

Skincode Cellular Power Concentrate

Suitable for normal and dry skin


Effectiveness and Benefits:

  • Increase cell regeneration, reduce lines and wrinkles, increase firmness and tightness of the skin, protects against free radicals, the skin with maximum moisture retention and stimulates the skin's vital functions in order to have a unique collection (ACR-complex)
  • Strong, long-lasting hydration to the sodium hyaluronate
  • Whitening, collagen boosting antioxidant vitamin c for
  • Soothing, regenerating, moisturizing and balancing moisture and fat in the skin and create a protective layer on the skin surface in order to reduce the loss of moisture due to a red algae


To use:

Apply on clean skin morning and night. It is recommended after the product is applied moisturizing cream or anti aging. Avoid contact with the eye area. Use of this product in the evening, due to strong effect restoration properties, will assist.



This product is paraben-free, contain no sensitive aromatic substances, with ACR G2 is. Amplifier solution for building cells having high concentrations of the active compound, which is 5 times stronger than the anti-aging cream skin instantly softer, brighter, and restore the water supply for a long time. It is recommended at least twice a year and every 6 to 8 weeks for the product to be used to promote healthy skin.


Exclusive Collection

Exclusive product portfolio suitable for mature skin that lines, wrinkles and sagging skin can be seen in them with the help of a special and unique ingredients in these products, these symptoms are reduced.