Liftissime Eye Serum Lierac

Liftissime eye serum

Product Description

Liftissime Eye Serum

Liftissime Yeux serum Lierac

Lifting Serum anti-droopy eyelids

  • Fix drooping eyelids
  • Fill lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce puffiness and dark
  • Larger eyes

Large eyes and prettier

There complex cell-junction (Lierac exclusive combination) and hyaluronic acid makes this cream has the property that lifting the three-dimensional effect is to lift the eyelids. It also has the highest percentage of thickening agents plants in series Liftissime (13%) are. As a result, your eyes are bigger.

This product is enriched with plant extracts, anti-puffiness and dark circles pooling of blood that decreases the eye. This fragrance-free gel-serum for sensitive areas around the eyes is offered. Its structure is the immediate lifting.


How to use:

The serum gel around the eyes and the eyelids in the morning or evening use. For more influence you can use the following method:

  1. Product head with the index finger to press down
  2. The applicator of cream on the eyelids multi-point check

With each push of a point is established.

Buds from the inside to the outside eye cream play. To stimulate capillary blood circulation around the eyes and clear this area, several times in the same direction, from the inside out, around the eyes and gently massage.

For larger effects on the eyes, upper eyelid with gentle pressure applicator vertically upwards. This operation will continue to absorb the full product.